Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Post from me at long last!!

Jensen with Mrs Prout and another picture of him in front of the Parkdale sign at the end of the year and the beginning of the year. He has changed so much, ok not the outfit, I did that on purpose by the way :)

I figured that since my last post was from Jensen's first day of school it was only fitting to do my next post on his last day of school. Well he made it through kindergarten with flying colors! He loved his first year of elementary school and made lots of friends and a few too many girlfriends for my liking. Jensen is quite the ladies man as I observed in my many times volunteering in his classroom this year. His teacher Mrs Prout is amazing. When she said that Jensen would be reading by the end of the year I was not convinced and when he read his first book to me in April I couldn't help but tear up. It is truly amazing how far he has come this year! They say he is one of the top readers in his class and I was worried he may not even be able to keep up with the other kids in his class who had done more preschool and daycare then he had. I am so proud of him and can't believe he will be in school all day next year. We will celebrate his 6th birthday in just over a week! How time flies anymore!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Jensen's First Day of Kindergarten

Well, the day finally came today, Jensen started kindergarten. He was really excited to go and because he had gone to a jump start program last month to get him prepared for kindergarten there were no tears. He said he had a great time and he really likes his teacher, Mrs. Prout. That's about all I got out of him, not many details, like his dad. Here are some pictures from today.

Peyton wanted to go to school too!

He is now a Parkdale Panther

Walking into school

Jensen's classroom

I thought this was funny, this is how Peyton fell asleep while Jensen was at school

Monday, August 11, 2008

Joyce Meyer

A few weeks ago I had the chance to spend a few days with my mom at a Joyce Meyer Conference. It was a really great time. I enjoyed spending time with mom and with her friend Diane. The conference was such a great experience. Joyce is such a wonderful speaker and she is just so real. She spoke on Healthy living: spiritual health, mental health, emotional health and physical health. Delirious was there leading worship. It was a really great conference and I would recommend it to anyone who can go when she comes to your town!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Fun

This past weekend we went to a party at Brian's cousin Duane's cabin at Wixom Lake. We had a really nice day boating and visiting with relatives and a campfire at night. Jensen had been on a speed boat before but Peyton had it and he loved it. He went out on the boat at least 3 times with a huge smile on his face every time. Jensen like the paddle boat and he went on that quite a few times with his cousin Sara and with Brian. He did accidentally fall in the water once when he and his cousin Taylor were playing on the dock, thank goodness he was wearing a life jacket and there were adults close by to get him out right away. Enough to scare him and Mom though. Here are a few pictures from the day.

Picture of the cabin


Loving this piece of watermelon

Riding in the speedboat

Peyton wanted in on this game of volleyball so bad

Grandma Jan, Aunt Norma & Uncle Ralph

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman Concert

Brian and I had the amazing privilege of attending Steven Curtis Chapman's second concert back since the tragic death of his little girl, Maria. It was the most amazing event I have experienced. Of course it was extremely emotional but it was also a great time of worship. Steven and his two sons were all there and though it was obviously difficult for them to take the stage again they were still giving all the glory to God and made mention often that they were looking forward to seeing Maria again in Heaven. He started by coming on stage alone and came to the keyboard and said that the first song that came to mind on the evening of May 21st was Blessed be your Name which he sang along with the audience. Wow, was that intense, if ever the words of that song were effective it was then. He sang many of his songs old and new and many of the lyrics to the song rang so much more true due to the circumstances. He said that he wasn't sure if he would ever sing "Cinderella" again but felt he needed to and that he realized one day he would dance with Maria again. He talked about how it would be hard for him to get through it and unbeknown to him Family Life Radio had passed out little flashlights for the crowd to light during that song to show our support. He made it through the song but said that it wasn't fair to do that to him but you could tell he appreciated the support. The concert was an excellent tribute to Maria and an awesome reminder of what a great God we serve that can get us through the darkest of times in our lives and also the hope that we have in Christ that this life is only temporary and the life that we have waiting for us in Heaven is the one we should long for. I wish you all could have been there to experience this! Below is a link to the blog of Steven's manager that gives pictures and more info from the night. Unfortunately the battery on my camera died as soon as the concert started so I didn't get any pics :(